What is JRC (Japanese Registration Certifcate)

JRC is the official document issued by the Japanese government for every vehicle in the country. JRC is also called an export certification in Malaysia.

JRC is considered a grant with an additional inspection record after 3 years and subsequently every 2 years.

How to get JRC on SCRUT?

1. Make sure that you are a SCRUT user. If not, please register at www.scrut.my

2. In your dashboard, find the option for “Japanese Registration Certificate” in blue.
3. Make sure that you have 500 credits (RM350 RM420, price after 6/6/2022).

4. After payment has been made, we will take between 3-6 working days to get you your JRC.

5. A copy in pdf form will be attached to your dashboard.

6. The original JRC will be mailed to your registered address.

JRC can be used by those who have:

1. No vehicle data within the SCRUT search;

2. Vehicles exported after 3 years in Japan to verify mileage.

3. Brought forward their cases to court.

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